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All natural skin care products for women and men.

Queen’s Face & Body was created from a vision and dream of its president, Wesley Rogers and its CEO & Creator, Karen Rogers (Wesley’s mom). Their vision was to create an all natural facial & body skin care line for women & men, alike.

Our products are made upon order to ensure freshness. All preservatives we use are natural.

WE DON’T TEST ON ANIMALS, WE TEST ON OUR FAMILY! All our new products are personally tested on Wesley, Karen, then on our family and friends before being released. This ensures over the top honest opinions about different skin types so we can produce a quality product.

Your Skin Health

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Often taken for granted, the skin is a vital organ whose presence and integrity is essential to health, and to life itself.

The skin is a very complex and versatile organ, with many functions and ongoing duties it performs for you every day. The skin is a barrier between you and the outside world. It provides your body with a strong defense against infections, poisons and physical damage.

The skin produces oils (sebum) to keep itself supple and flexible. This oil is also protective and maintains skin pH.
Many of the body’s waste products are safely eliminated, detoxified through the skin. The skin is often referred to as the third kidney because of this important elimination function. Blemished skin is often the effect of the skin trying to take over the elimination function of organs such as the intestines, liver or kidney which are overly burdened with toxins or cannot do their own elimination effectively, due to a functional weakness or disease.

Each individual’s skin is unique and is in a constant state of change, renewal and growth. Because the skin is the most external organ, it is constantly subject to the ravages of the environment. It is continually bombarded with pollutants such as tobacco smoke, dust and smog, toxic chemicals, wastes, soaps, chlorine in water, as well as being subject to physical damage by the elements – wind, rain, sun and cold. Low quality and/or synthetic based cosmetics and skin and hair care products may also be very damaging to the skin. Many such products even contain toxic substances such as heavy metals, which are readily absorbed in stored in the skin and organs of the body.

Internal pollutants such as food preservatives, colorings, coffee refined sugar, tobacco, alcohol and drugs can adversely influence all body cells and tissues. The skin is no exception and can be readily affected as well. Emotional stress, psychic and hereditary factors all play their parts, illness, disease, injury, lack of sleep, improper or inadequate care all have a direct effect on the condition of the skin. Poor blood circulation and inadequate oxygen have degenerated and aging effects on skin cells.